My Small Business Journey as a Dollmaker

My Small Business Journey as a Dollmaker

I started making dolls in 2010 solely for the enjoyment of my five year old daughter. I believe that the magic of childhood starts with imagination. And the best way to foster that is by providing toys & activities that require a little bit of it. As I recognized the need for more of this, I had the desire to provide high quality handmade toys for more kids. And in 2011, I created Pockets with Posies to do just that. 

For several years, I did shows down in Phoenix, at a local Thrift store called Hissyfits Resale, with my husband. He's the extrovert so he'd talk to people while I smiled and nodded (secretly thankful that I didn't have to). We met some amazing people at that show. Some of whom are still great friends. 

From there, we started doing a huge show in Scottsdale called Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, and that was eye opening. That first year, I sold out on the first day. It was a 2 day show.  We couldn't leave if we wanted to come back since they didn't want people coming to the show on day two to see a bunch of empty spots. We lived 2 hours away, so I couldn't make more product that night for the next day. So we sat there on day two telling everyone that we were sorry, but here's our card!  
Craft show table with yellow and white table cloth, striped backdrop featuring dolls and faux taxidermy.
This first booth was pretty sad looking. But I remember being so proud of it at the time.

My husband came to every. single. show. He helped me set up, he was the greeter/money taker and helped me tear down. He also drove both ways of our 2 hour journey. I honestly couldn't have done these shows without his help and support. 
We did this show for several years and it really helped shape what Pockets with Posies became. I am so thankful for my time with JIIT. 
On my last show, before I made the hard decision to not renew my spot, I brought close to 100 dolls plus clothes, accessories, etc. We had people driving over from California and flying in from the Midwest just to attend the show so they could buy my dolls. It was very humbling.  
Pile of Pockets with Posies dolls of varying skin tones and hair colors laying on a couch.

Woman stands in craft show line with hand drawn hairstyles deciding which doll to buy
After I quit doing shows, I kept my focus on my online audience as I realize that not everyone is able to make a trip to Arizona to purchase a handmade heirloom doll for their kids or grandkids. Now you can find my work solely in my online shop, Instagram and Pinterest
It's been a rollercoaster of a time, but I wouldn't change it for a thing. And I am so thankful that I have been able to be a small part of so many little girls and boys magical adventures. My hope is that through my dolls and accessories, your children are able to slow down and truly play, while exercising their imagination and thus, creating magic. 
xo ~ 
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